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If YOUR company often encounter hardware or software problems – the computer is not working; the printer is out of ink or toner; the program regularly is not responding, the computer network "is lost",disk device (DVD, CD) is not reading disks etc.; "viruses"or other harmful programs are in computer, then be sure that WE will help YOU. The problem will be solved by calling US and explaining the situation. And OUR specialists will solve YOUR problem at YOUR office, restoring the normal operation of your computer.


OUR specialists have the experience of many years in the field of hardware maintenance, so YOU can be sure of your computer hardware work capacity. The computer and network will operate every day and the damages will be prevented. OUR specialists will notify YOU in advance about potential problems of your computer and will solve them..

IT infrastructure maintenance / hardware maintenance tariff plans and prices

  • 1-5 computers
  • 1-2 printers
  • 1 router
  • 1-2 switches
  • 8 h support

Reaction time:
  • 1-5 computers
  • 1-4 printers
  • 1-2 routers
  • 1-5 switches
  • 1 server
  • 8 h support
  • 1-10 computers
  • 1-6 printers
  • 1-2 routers
  • 1-10 switches
  • 1-2 servers
  • 8 h support
ABC Popular
  • 1-20 computers
  • 1-10 printers
  • 1-3 routers
  • 1-15 switches
  • 1-3 servers
  • 10 h support
ABC Premium
  • 1-30 computers
  • 1-20 printers
  • 1-9 routers
  • 1-30 switches
  • 1-5 servers
  • 24 h support

* To clarify the prices, please contact us

The benefits YOU get, by choosing US:

  • Data stored in YOUR computers will be securely protected
  • YOU won’t have to look for a qualified employee and hire him
  • YOU will be able to increase the effective use of computers in YOUR company
  • YOU will receive full range of computer service after concluding a service contract
  • WE will supply all the necessary materials and complementary parts for favorable and competitive prices to YOUR office. We also offer on-site replacement or installation service of your hardware with no extra charge (after concluding hardware supply contract

OUR advantage is that we are able to perform various IT services:

  • qualitative (more specialists are involved)
  • faster (WE employ professional and trained specialists)
  • cheaper (YOU won’t have to hire OUR specialists for a full time job, but only for specific jobs (another important factor – you won’t have to worry that YOUR IT administrator is sick or is on vacation)

WE will immediately receive your call and OUR specialist will be at YOUR place for time which we have agreed.

After concluding a hardware service contract, we guarantee YOU an excellent work with hardware and software – OUR computer service specialists will carry out the following works:

  • data backup
  • computer preventive service
  • computer restoration and modernization
  • computer hardware post-guarantee repairs
  • advices on hardware selection, new hardware delivery
  • representation of interests during guarantee service, computer delivery for guarantee service
  • advices on hardware efficiency improving and optimization
  • operative restoration of hardware operating system (after the program functioning problems, equipment damages, viruses etc.)
  • advices on standard and specific software selection, installation of software security system
  • supply of materials for computer (printer ink-jet, paper, floppy disks, CD-R, CD-RW, DVD etc.)
  • computer connection to Internet, consultations on the connection method, selection of Internet service provider
  • optimization of computer and peripheral operating system, security settings and restoration of hard drives and programs
  • installation and adjustment of servers and server operating systems, server administration, server and computer security audit
  • software installation and upgrading (operating system, anti-virus software, office packages, accounting software, graphic programs, specialized programs etc.)
  • installation and connection of new computers; adjustment of operating computers and peripheral equipment (monitors, printers, scanners, modems, network cards, CD-ROM, hard drive, floppy drive, magneto-optical disks etc.)

WE offer:

  • our IT technical specialists for YOUR computer system’s administration
  • IT consultants for connecting YOUR business needs and technical possibilities
  • to take care of YOUR information technologies and allow YOU to concentrate on your direct responsibilities – your business

If there is already a qualified IT administrator working in YOUR company, WE offer to split responsibilities and competences, so helping to cope with works for which there is no time in everyday life or we can also offer information about some specific product.

The most important factor for IT process to work for YOU.

To improve the situation, WE offer our IT services that are well-known and intelligible for us. WE would like to draw your attention to the fact that OUR service as outsourcing purchase may appear cheaper and more efficient.

By cooperating with us, your company will:

  • increase profitability
  • improve IT security and stability
  • get unified and responsive IT support
  • reduce the downtime of IT resources
  • gain effective problem identification and resolution
  • simplify business planning for the future

IT outsourcing features and benefits:

  • Security - it is guaranteed by the latest and most effective use of IT security solutions
  • YOU can devote all your energy to your business growth, because you won’t have to spend time searching for effective solutions to your IT problems
  • Effecience - motivated and well-trained specialists will always choose the most appropriate, newest and effective IT solution for YOU
  • Experience - every day OUR technicians solve wide range of problems, thereby obtaining more complete and extensive experience. They have also been working on IT field for many years
  • Motivation - OUR administrator salary is composed of a number of various company payments, higher salary, growth opportunities, challenges and situation diversity leads to a higher motivation
  • Cheaper than hiring administrator – OUR solutions cost less than those you pay to your administrator, because YOU don’t have to pay taxes, office rent, training, vacation, bonuses etc., YOU pay only for the service
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