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IT audit

It is wery hard for enterprises to achieve needed results without IT processes. Most of You even is not awared how misaligned internal systems and networks are. WE will find weaknesses in YOUR systems and help to resolve them. Our target is to help YOU, when You have decided to legalize and organize Your software.

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What is IT Audit?

  • safety audit
  • computer audit
  • software audit

In audit process your internal and external network security, computer software legality and virus spreading possibilities are evaluated. IT audit lets You organize software used in enterprise and get evaluation of IT status.

What are the benefits of IT audit?

  • information about the company’s computer hardware
  • opportunity to compare the actual situation with the number of licenses acquired
  • chance to plan software organizations further steps
  • full details of the software actually used in company

Software audit

As result of audit you get official and accurate picture of software used in your company and its legality. Also you with help of our experts will be able to evaluate optimal required software for your business tasks.

During the software audit, with specially developed methodology in accordance with the provisions of the BSA audit we carry out the following activities:

  • License survey
  • All the computer survey
  • Finding other copyrighted objects
  • The preparation and issuance of audit opinion
  • Finding all used software
  • Inspection of current software purchase documents
  • Comparison of licenses and actually used software
  • Providing advice to ensure the legality of software
  • Special price offer to software purchase
  • Program purchase documentation and license compliance assessment to the manufacturer's instructions and legal requirements
  • Making recommendations to particular company to ensure the program legality, to optimize program registration and movement processes

Potential risks without computer audit:

  • Data loss: use of illegal software makes computers vulnerable to viruses
  • Loss of equipment: if illegal software found on company’s computers, computers are confiscated - the loss of data and databases
  • Lost reputation: companies that are found to use illegal software, lose the opportunity to participate in state and local government procurement tenders
  • Deprivation of liberty: the illegal use of copyrighted objects can be sanctioned by imprisonment of up to five years (Criminal LR 149. P.) or arrest
  • Loss of time: computer removal for investigation can lead to a long break in the company's work. In addition, abatement will take a considerable amount of your personal time
  • Material losses: the illegal use of programs can be criminal penalized up to amount of 200 minimum wage or administrative fines, as well as the BSA may bring civil proceedings for an amount equal to three times of detected software market value

Before performing software audit we will coordinate with you audit times and procedures, to not disturb your work.

Security audit

Independent monitoring and analysis of used systems to determine adequacy of your security measures, compliance with safety rules and procedures for data processing, as well as to detect security breaches, make recommendations for improvement of safety tools and security procedures. We engage our security audits on web sites and information systems. In auditing process system vulnerabilities and technical deficiencies are detected, according to the ISO 17799:2005 standard. Methodology used - OSTMM v.2.1 (Open Source Security Testing Methodology Manual).

After the audit you will get:

  • Testing protocols
  • Recommendations for further action
  • A summary of the results
  • Detailed information on the weaknesses identified (Criticality, Description, Possible uses of abuse and their consequences)

Computer audit

As result of the audit you will get an overview of the current computer hardware at your disposal, it's condition and the solutions / suggestions - what and why to replace, improve, etc.

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